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So You Want To Switch Your Home To Solar…

Residential solar is trending among savvy homeowners, and for good reason. The purchase of a residential solar system has a relatively fast ROI (return on investment), increases your property value, lowers your energy costs, and is eco-friendly to our environment. Is it time for you to make the switch, too?

Why Are You Waiting?

Solar power is an inevitability. Like indoor plumbing or microwaves, some people will embrace the new technology sooner, rather than later. But the future is solar. Here are some of the concerns homeowners have about making the switch to residential solar energy.

1. It’s too expensive.

Solar panel prices have dropped almost 80% since 2008 and costs to go solar have never been lower. “With solar panel prices regularly dropping and a huge menu of financing and payment options currently available, solar is now a true reality for almost any budget,” says Pete Scudder.

2. My home doesn’t get enough sun.

Solar power isn’t about sunshine; it’s about UV rays. UV rays are in abundance whether you have sunshine or if you’re “living under a cloud,” so to speak. California is ranked Number 1 in the top ten solar states; we’re driving the U.S. market. Your local solar professional can assess your home’s viability.

3. Residential solar panels are difficult to install and maintain.

Solar panel installation is not a DIY (do-it-yourself) project, but maintenance is relatively hassle-free. Maintenance will involve keeping the panels free of leaves and debris, bird droppings and even mounds of snow depending on where you reside. With regular care and maintenance, your solar system will deliver reliable, uninterrupted energy for the next 25-30 years.

4. Residential solar panels will ruin the look of my home.

Not true…not even a little bit. The solar panels of today are crisp, clean, beautiful additions to your home that will not only impress you, but also increase your curb appeal and raise your property value.

5. Residential solar won’t save that much money.

In most cases, solar panels create so much energy, homeowners can either completely eliminate their electric bills or make their bills so small, they’re close to it

6. Solar is unreliable.

Your residential solar installation doesn’t replace your energy source; it will work with it. In fact, your system will most likely generate more power each day than you will actually need or use. And with battery storage options like the Tesla Powerwall more abundant than ever, the grid is becoming less important as more homeowners choose complete independence. Reliability is almost a non-issue at this point.

The Scudder Residential Solar Difference.

“We handle everything under the sun.” –The Scudder Solar Team

Residential solar power isn’t new, but it’s new enough technology in Monterey, Santa Cruz, and San Benito counties to justify your concerns if you have them. Rest assured, Scudder Solar doesn’t simply sell and install solar systems; we design, engineer, and build customized, solar solutions including monitoring, support and maintenance programs. Our professional, in-house solar team is BBB accredited,  licensed, insured and NABCEP certified, and they care about saving you money, as well as saving our planet.

Scudder Solar: First, the Process; Then, the Partnership.

  1. Call 831-384-3900 or contact Scudder Solar Energy Systems.
  2. We’ll visit your home or property for a free on-site assessment.
    • We’ll evaluate your electrical usage and perform a feasibility study to determine if solar is right for you.
    • If solar would reduce your electric costs, we then determine how a solar installation would enhance your exterior/interior aesthetics and lifestyle.
    • We’ll discuss your budget, upfront costs, and financing options, if necessary.
  3. Your Scudder Solar professional will submit a detailed proposal to you. It will include the design/construction, scope of work, tax incentives/credits/financing options and more.
  4. We’ll apply for all necessary building and electrical permits.
  5. Your Scudder Solar Energy Customer Care Package includes contact information for your Scudder team and a proposed timeline.
  6. We will schedule a series of inspections to ensure you are maximizing and understanding your system.

Most importantly, we want you to know that our relationship won’t end when we flip the switch and connect you to the grid! When you go solar with Scudder, we’re partners for the life of your system – and beyond!

So You Want To Switch Your Home To Solar… September 30th, 2018Scudder Solar