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Scudder Solar partners with several major lenders who specialize in solar purchasing, financing and leasing. Our experienced financial support staff will walk you through the process of finding the best type of solar financing to suit your budget, as well as your solar project and scope of work.

Interested in more information on financing a rooftop or ground mount system? Here is a short overview of the most common solar financing options we'll likely discuss.

The SunPower® Loan.

SunPower Solar System

The SunPower® Loan is a popular choice for customers looking for a great loan product with simple, generous lending terms and paypack options for a SunPower® Solar system. Scudder Solar is an authorized residential and commercial Elite Combo Dealer for SunPower's top quality, high efficiency, solar panels.

  • Benefits: Fantastic loan & payback options/conditions.
  • Terms: 10, 15 or 20 year loan terms.
  • Rates: Interest rates starting as low as 3.99%.
  • Credits & Incentives: You can keep any solar tax credits and/or state and local incentives for which you may be eligible.*
  • Pre-payment: Optional full prepayment without any penalty.
  • Savings: For many customers, the combination of the loan payment and the remaining power bill will be less than your previous electric bill!
  • Perks: Selling your home? The SunPower® Loan is transferrable to your buyer!
  • Warranty: Each SunPower® Solar System is backed by a bumper-to-bumper, industry-leading combined power and product warranty for 25 years.

PACE Financing.

Scudder Solar serves all of Monterey, Santa Cruz and San Benito counties and we are an authorized contractor for CaliforniaFIRST’s residential PACE (property assessed clean energy) program. This innovative public-private financing option enables homeowners to invest in clean energy improvements like solar power, roofs and home insulation, and then finance and pay for these money-saving projects over a 5-20 year period through a surcharge on their property tax bills. Designed to help cut the upfront costs of energy-efficiency upgrades like solar panels, PACE financing makes something like the switch to solar more accessible and more affordable for homeowners. The CaliforniaFIRST program offers 100% financing for energy efficiency with lightning fast phone approvals, fixed interest rates, no credit score requirements, no upfront costs and a minimum financing amount of $5,000.

To find out if you pre-qualify for PACE and to learn more about how to apply for this innovative financing program, call 1-800-SOLAR-POWER. One of the Scudder team members will schedule a free solar estimate for you and talk with you about the advantages and benefits of PACE.

Mortgage & Home Equity Loans.

These secured loans (a loan where the borrower pledges an asset as collateral against the loan) were generally the most popular way to finance solar in years past. And with record low interest rates, they are still a great choice for some consumers today. Secured loans like these often offer the best terms and the lowest interest rates for your solar system purchase. Equity loans generally have fixed interest rates and range up to 20 years.

Same-as-Cash (SAC).

SAC financing for residential solar systems includes zero interest and zero payments for the specified period of time -- typically 12-18 months. When the SAC period is completed, you can pay the full principal with no interest incurred, or you can begin to make payments while interest accrues. Same-as-cash financing (a type of unsecured loan) is generally predicated upon your good credit.

Unsecured Loans.

Better known as personal loans, these loans are available from banks and other financial institutions. There are a number of unsecured loans available to finance a solar PV system and these loans are typically based upon your good credit, FICO score and ability to repay the loan.

Power Purchase Agreements (PPA's).

There are various forms of Power Purchase Agreements but generally, PPA's are reserved for commercial solar projects that are 100kw or more. Similar to a lease, a PPA agreement is signed between two parties (the customer and the master tenant) and terms can run from 15-20 years. In a PPA, the solar installer purchases, installs and maintains your solar system and guarantees your system's production while you (the customer), pay a low monthly rate for the energy the installed system is producing. Typically, the customer will pay for generated electricity on a per kilowatt-hour (kWh) rate specified in the PPA, and much like a lease, you will lock in your electricity rate for the term of the agreement.

For more information on PPA's, please read our blog article entitled Should You Bank on a PPA?

Solar Leases.

Have you ever leased a car? Leasing a solar system is quite similar including the low or no upfront cost for the equipment and installation of your panels, as well as a fixed monthly payment based on your lease agreement. The age old question still stands, however: Is it better to buy or lease? Will you save more by purchasing your solar system outright, or by hedging your bets with a lease? That debate rages on.

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If you've been considering solar and you'd just like to talk to a contractor who will give you straightforward answers about financing in a no-obligation environment, give us a call today at 1-831-384-3900 or -1-800-SOLAR-POWER and schedule your FREE, personal, on-site solar evaluation with Scudder Solar. We will be happy to walk you through all of the details and decisions you'll need to be aware of and help you choose the financing model that suits you best!

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