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Are your energy bills haunting you? Are you ready to make the switch to solar power? Call Scudder Solar today at 831-384-3900 for a no-obligation, FREE solar estimate today! Already have solar? Raise the bar with a FREE Tesla Powerwall and see how much more you can save!  

Free Solar Estimate October 18th, 2018Scudder Solar

The SunPower Loan

The SunPower® Loan is a popular choice for customers looking for a great loan product with simple, generous lending terms and paypack options for a SunPower® Solar system. Scudder Solar is an authorized residential and commercial Elite Combo Dealer for SunPower’s top quality, high efficiency, solar panels. Benefits: Fantastic loan & payback options/conditions. Terms: 10, 15 or 20 year loan ….

The SunPower Loan October 18th, 2018Scudder Solar