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A properly designed and installed commercial solar energy system is totally reliable, virtually maintenance-free, and a business investment that can offer a long-term investment with a short payback period.

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At Scudder Solar, we use innovative solar energy design to help companies lower their energy and operating costs, increase their property value, and protect their investment in the future. We design commercial-grade solar PV systems for office buildings, wineries, hospitals, hotels/motels, multi-use facilities, retail businesses, community centers, manufacturing facilities, warehouses, schools, non-profits, and commercial building owners of all types.

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From an in-depth analysis of your business needs and energy consumption to a detailed financial overview and a physical solar site evaluation of your property, the experts at Scudder Solar are with you through every step of the process. We handle everything, including evaluating your current and future energy needs, determining the right size/capacity solar system for your organization, and the overall cost savings you'll see by going solar with our firm.

Like any other construction project, a commercial solar installation requires a team of highly skilled and talented people working towards the common goal of building the best solar PV system possible and matching all of your expectations and specifications. Our track record of success with designing, engineering, and installing commercial-grade photovoltaic solar systems gives the companies we work with the assurance that we stand behind everything we do and every system we build. Our commercial solar customers can often experience immediate cash savings on their first electric bill after installation. That's solar savings to your bottom line from DAY ONE!

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From our design consultants and engineers to architects and electricians, team Scudder is knowledgeable, experienced, highly skilled, and comprised of the best and brightest in the solar industry today. Scudder Solar's expert installers are well-trained in the latest green products and solar technologies/applications. Our local team works hard to offer sustainable and cost-effective solar solutions throughout the entire Monterey Bay area, no matter the scale and scope of the commercial project.

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    Salinas Rodeo Complex

    Commercial Installation
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    Naturipe Farms

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Boost Your Bottom Line.

  • Control and cut your energy costs:

    Stop the clock on continuously rising utility rates with solar, and you can protect one of your most significant investments: your business or building.

  • A return on investment that means green:

    The cost of commercial solar has decreased dramatically, and a properly installed solar system can generally pay for itself within 1 to 7 years or even more quickly in some cases. And with the commercial solar lease options available, the return on investment can be nearly immediate with no money down and cash savings off your utility bills from DAY ONE!

  • Positive cash flow:

    Positive cash flow is a reality on most commercial solar power system installations as early as the first year after installation. You will also increase the value of your building or structure with zero increase in your property taxes.

  • Go green for great marketing & PR:

    If you take your company solar, it's positive public relations. Position your company as an environmental leader in the community and build your brand with solar. Green is an excellent color for advertising and word of mouth!

  • Product selection & design:

    The solar equipment we use and build with comes from some of the leading manufacturers in the country with comprehensive warranties and track records that prove they'll still be in business when and if you ever need them. We also have a professional in-house design and engineering team that builds custom solar systems to fit your needs, aesthetics, and circumstances.

  • Customer service:

    We have a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee that we stand behind as we guide you through the solar process, including all permit pulling, paperwork filing, tax credit and incentive details, and any necessary documentation required.

  • Financing:

    Scudder Solar offers many financing and payment options for business owners, including $0-down leases, PPA's, and low-interest solar loans.

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