The Many Benefits of Solar.

A solar electric system properly installed by a skilled contractor can drastically reduce or even eliminate your PG&E bills altogether. For most consumers, it's a low risk investment with some very high returns and more affordable than ever.

Environmental Benefits.

Solar is clean, green, unlimited and the fastest growing energy resource in our world. The environmental benefits of going solar are abundant including reducing air pollution, cutting the need for more fossil fuel power, combating greenhouse gases and decreasing your carbon footprint on earth. You can power your home or business with pure sunshine, cut your costs and feel a little better about your part in mending the environment and even your local community. Using solar power is a tangible way for homeowners or business owners to generate energy that is environmentally safe and rewarding both financially, and emotionally.

Independence Benefits.

The idea of owning your own energy as opposed to renting it, is one of the most appealing ideas to consumers looking to go solar right now. When you install solar, you gain freedom from the utility company (in our case that would be PG&E), and full control of your energy future. With solar, your home or business can become fully energy self-suficient. Every hour of every day, the sun above you radiates more energy onto the earth's surface than the human population can use in an entire year. The sheer abundance of that type of power available from the sun is mind-boggling when you really sit down and think about it. And thanks to the generous incentives and tax credits available as well as innovative financing solutions, the idea of energy independence has morphed into an affordable reality! Going solar is helping to make America as a whole, an energy independent nation.


Need to know more? Of course you do! Here are a few additional benefits
when you decide to make the switch to solar power!

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