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A Local Solar Company You Can Trust

There are a lot of solar companies out there to be sure.  In fact, the biggest ones install homes on a National level these days.  However, why not pick a solar company that’s right around the corner, family-owned, with a trusted name that’s been known for more than for 36 years?  We cut our teeth putting new roofs on local homes ….

A Local Solar Company You Can Trust October 10th, 2023Scudder Solar

Tesla Powerwall Home Solar Battery

Got a good backup plan? Just add a Tesla Powerwall Home Solar Battery! Powerwall is a rechargeable home battery storage system that helps you take control of the power all around you — from controlling your energy consumption to powering up your home and keeping the lights on during emergency blackouts! Tesla Powerwall means savings, security and seamless backup power ….

Tesla Powerwall Home Solar Battery August 31st, 2022Scudder Solar

Top Solar Contractor

We’re very excited to be named as a 2018 Top Solar Contractor by Solar Power World Magazine again! That makes our 6th consecutive year! Thank you to every one of our customers, the Monterey/Santa Cruz community and our amazing #ScudderSolar green team! #TopSolar18

Top Solar Contractor July 28th, 2018Scudder Solar

Why work with Scudder Solar?

To put it simply, we go above and beyond with everything we do and we are passionate about solar. We’re also passionate about our community and doing something good for the environment as well as your pocketbook! Experience counts when it comes to solar power. We have the experience, the expertise and strong solar manufacturing partnerships with some of the ….

Why work with Scudder Solar? September 30th, 2018Scudder Solar

Hiring a Solar Contractor

Troy Wolverton (via the San Jose Mercury News) has written a fantastic blog post about the daunting task consumers have when they decide to go solar and need to hire an experienced, professional solar contractor. If you’re thinking about taking the leap into a green lifestyle with solar power, you have  a big job ahead of you so take your time, do your ….

Hiring a Solar Contractor January 11th, 2018Scudder Solar