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Choosing the Right Solar Installer

Choosing a solar energy contractor isn't as simple as jumping onto Google to read a few reviews or thumbing through the yellow pages. As with many things in life, it pays big dividends to be your own advocate and educate yourself as thoroughly as possible if you're looking to go solar.

How to Make the Right Choice.

YYour installer will be with you for the life of your system, which means you will have a relationship with this company for the next 25-30 years or more. Do you want to be stuck with an inferior installer or bad hardware components just because you weren't careful from the very beginning of your search for a contractor? If you're on the hunt for an experienced, skilled solar installation contractor who can do the job right, experts recommend that you interview at least three potential candidates, and that any company on your short list be able to provide or prove (at the very least) the following items:

Bonus Contractor Questions.

Consumers looking to go solar can check for information on a prospective contractor by visiting: The Better Business Bureau, the Contractors State Licensing Board (CSLB), or the California Solar + Storage Association. You may also find more information and a detailed guide to going solar called A Consumer's Guide: Get Your Power from the Sun from the National Renewable Energy Laboratory at

A properly designed and installed solar electric system requires almost no maintenance, lasts 25-30 years, and may provide all the energy you need! Isn't it time you put the sun to work for you? After all, you own your home; why are you still renting your energy?

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