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What Happens When Solar Companies Shut Down

When a door-to-door salesman showed up at Christine Palmer’s door in 2022 telling her she could save money by going solar, she and her husband decided to make the investment. Two years later, the panels have never been switched on and the company that installed them—Titan Solar—has abruptly gone out of business, leaving Palmer with a shiny but useless array ….

What Happens When Solar Companies Shut Down July 16th, 2024Scudder Solar

PG&E’s Relentless Rate Hikes

You’re certainly not alone if you’re tired of PG&E’s relentless rate hikes hitting your wallet. The looming PG&E increase request (initially 26%, before the California Public Utilities Commission offered two of its own counter proposals) will be decided on November 16. These never-ending rate hikes are untenable for Californians, and it’s time to explore alternatives that won’t leave us at ….

PG&E’s Relentless Rate Hikes November 15th, 2023Scudder Solar