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9 Solar Contract Tips

You’ve decided to go solar, you’re about to start interviewing solar companies and sooner than you know it, it’s time to sign a contract on the dotted line. Here are nine solar contract tips to help you make sure you’re going to get exactly what you want, when you want it and at the right price!   1.) Do Your ….

9 Solar Contract Tips July 16th, 2024Scudder Solar

Hiring a Solar Contractor

Troy Wolverton (via the San Jose Mercury News) has written a fantastic blog post about the daunting task consumers have when they decide to go solar and need to hire an experienced, professional solar contractor. If you’re thinking about taking the leap into a green lifestyle with solar power, you have  a big job ahead of you so take your time, do your ….

Hiring a Solar Contractor January 11th, 2018Scudder Solar

Why Solar Power?

Any homeowner or business owner looking into going solar will have their own personal list of reasons, but in most cases, the reasons can be summed up with a few of the most important benefits:   The economic benefits of solar… A properly installed solar electric system can drastically reduce or even eliminate your electric bills altogether and it’s a ….

Why Solar Power? September 30th, 2018Scudder Solar