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Sending us a referral and earning a little extra money is just a few, simple clicks away! Download the Advocator App from Itunes for your Apple device, or from Google Play for your Android, and then start spreading the word! From your friends to your family to your colleagues and business associates, when you share your love of solar, you can earn rewards!

1Download the Advocator App & Create An Account: Download the Advocator App from iTunes or the Google Play Store, and then select your sales rep (if you have one), or simply choose “none”, enter the contact info, agree to the terms and ready, set go! Let the referrals fly! And remember, you don’t have to be a customer to become a referral partner! Anyone can send referrals and earn rewards.

2Start Sending Us Referrals!: Select the product you would like to refer (listed on the Advocator App on your mobile or on the dashboad from your desktop) add your referrals, include a call back time or other contact information, hit submit and you’re done! That’s all there is to it!

3Watch Your Referrals & Rewards Grow: Once your referral makes a purchase, the referral will show as a “sold referral” on your app or your dashboard. Make sure that you have enabled your notifications for the Advocator App, and you’ll be alerted whenever you receive new rewards, or even when you’ve earned a referral partner bonus!



The Green Starts Here! June 3rd, 2018Scudder Solar