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How Long Will My Solar Panels Last?

At Scudder Solar, we use some of the top products from leading manufacturers all over the country and our panels are durable, efficient and best of all, long-lasting. In fact, most solar PV panels today are designed to last a minimum of 25 years but have been known to work for 30 years or more. A properly designed, engineered and ….

How Long Will My Solar Panels Last? September 30th, 2018Scudder Solar

Solar Q&A

“Do I need to replace my roof before I have solar installed? If so, do both of your companies (roofing & solar) work together and how long would it take?”   During our free evaluation, we look at your current roof condition as well as ask our client some specific questions about their roof like how old is the roof, are there ….

Solar Q&A September 30th, 2018Scudder Solar