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A Local Solar Company You Can Trust

There are a lot of solar companies out there to be sure.  In fact, the biggest ones install homes on a National level these days.  However, why not pick a solar company that’s right around the corner, family-owned, with a trusted name that’s been known for more than for 36 years?  We cut our teeth putting new roofs on local homes with our sister company Scudder Roofing, and that’s how we built our current reputation.  We started installing solar electric systems in 2007  and we have the knowledge and experience to custom-tailor a system that’s just right for your home or business.  Above all, we know what it means to do a quality job no matter how many challenges we face. This has given Scudder Solar a leg up on the local competition along with the personal touch that we use to guide you every step of the way when you decide to go solar with us.

Solar is affordable! 

One of the reasons we hear most about why people don’t go solar is the bottom line:  They think it costs too much, they don’t have the money, or maybe they’re worried about things like maintenance, breakdowns, etc.  However, there are so many financing options available today including several 0-down opportunities, low-cost loans, the PACE program (Property Assessed Clean Energy) and the Solar Investment Tax 30% Tax Credit (ITC), just to name a few. That bottom line clients are worried about often ends up the #1 reason they decide to make the switch to solar panels.

As a fully licensed, properly insured and certified local solar installer, Scudder Solar serves the entire Monterey Peninsula and beyond including Santa Cruz and San Benito counties. Along with the best customer care team in the area and highly skilled electricians and installation technicians, we are a local solar company you can trust…every step of the way.

Local doesn’t mean less… 

If you need something we’ll always be there. If you have a question, you’ll get it answered. If you have a concern, we’ll fix it with no excuses. We may be a local firm, but that has never stopped us from offering first-class service and solar products/components from the best manufacturers in the world.

We would love the opportunity to discuss solar for your home or business today.  Give us a call at 1-831-384-3900 or 1-800-SOLAR-POWER and get ready to make the switch to solar with Scudder! To learn more about our company, please visit our company profile page.


A Local Solar Company You Can Trust October 10th, 2023Scudder Solar