REC Solar Panels:

Innovative Solar Technology
& Modern Design.

REC Alpha® Pure solar panels deliver the highest efficiency and highest performance for your home or business. Scudder Solar is a REC Certified Professional Solar Installer serving Monterey, Santa Cruz, and San Benito counties.

REC Alpha® Pure solar panels mean advanced cell technologies and optimal energy yields from dawn to dusk. You deserve a solar energy system that delivers strong, clean, affordable power and long-term reliability under any conditions. REC's sleek Alpha Pure panels are expertly designed to pack in as much power as possible, generating more energy and savings on utility bills.

Compact and stylish with an utterly modern design, elegant REC solar panels deliver innovative technology, produce cleaner energy, and make the best use of any given space - a key factor when installing solar power. If you plan to make the switch to solar, REC's next-level power is an unparalleled choice.

REC Certified Solar Installer

State-of-the-Art Design.

REC Alpha Pure solar panels take full advantage of solar energy with maximum efficiency and power production.

It starts with REC Alpha Pure’s modern Heterojunction (HJT) cell technology, including solder-free (practically invisible) connections, gapless cell layout, compact size, uniform color, and a minimal environmental footprint. REC panels generate more energy even in limited or restricted spaces than standard solar panels on the market. The innovative REC design also uses the entire panel surface to generate the highest efficiency and power output, regardless of hot temperatures outside.


Next-level technology combined with a sleek and stylish future-proof design.

Exceptional Durability

REC solar panels are built to last, no matter the type of environment.


Designed to withstand up to 7000 Pa and the harshest weather conditions.
REC Alpha Pure Solar Panels
  • High Efficiency & Higher Power: Heterojunction cell technology produces more energy in the same space while maintaining maximum power levels for greater savings and faster return on investment.
  • Advanced Cell Connections: Solder-free cells increase durability, improve electrical current flow and enable long-term high performance. REC Alpha Pure utilizes the entire panel surface to generate power while keeping the panel size compact.
  • High power density of 20.6 W/ft²: Generate more affordable clean energy from the available space or rooftop.
  • Compact & Modern: With high power, compact size, and a full-black, seamless, modern appearance, REC Alpha Pure panels are a future-proof design packed with technology that will save you money.
  • Greater Energy Yield: REC's award-winning twin-panel design creates a greater energy yield and more power with continued production even in shaded conditions.
  • Strong & Durable: Robust and lightweight, Alpha Pure panels withstand up to 7000 Pa and provide better protection against harsh weather.
  • Environmentally Friendly: Lead-free and RoHS-compliant, Alpha Pure solar panels combine quality materials and technology wedded with a manufacturing process that results in a minimal carbon footprint.
  • Premium Warranty: Offered exclusively by REC Certified installers, REC’s 25-Year ProTrust Warranty covers product, performance, and labor for guaranteed long-term maximum power production and performance.

REC Certified Solar Professionals.

Experience matters when choosing your REC Certified Solar Professional. Scudder Solar is a nationally recognized, family-owned, and locally operated solar contractor serving the Monterey Bay area since 2007.

Scudder Solar is a REC Certified Solar Professional and trusted solar installer throughout Northern California, with a meticulous track record and the most skilled renewable energy and green building professionals in the local area. Through REC’s selective installer certification program, we’ve equipped our team with the expertise and best practices to install REC solar panels with the highest quality and utmost care, no matter the scope of your residential or commercial solar project.

REC’s ProTrust Warranty.

REC´s ProTrust Warranty package covers product, performance, and labor and is exclusively offered by REC Certified installers. This means unprecedented savings, economic security, and energy autonomy for you.

Product Warranty: Coverage includes panel defects and promises superior quality for at least 20 years. All panels are eligible for a +5-year product warranty extension.

Performance Warranty: REC´s Performance Warranty ensures that REC solar panels will perform exactly as expected — year after year for 25 years.

Labor Warranty: REC's Labor Warranty* gives you added protection in the unlikely event that a REC solar panel needs to be serviced or replaced.

*Subject to conditions. See the REC website for more details.

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